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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Aziz Ansari Joins Dec. 14 Lineup

Aziz Ansari is one funny dude. A New Yorker who was named 2005's Hot Standup by Rolling Stone magazine, has been called "funnier than your funny friend" by the Village Voice, named one of the 10 Funniest People You've Never Heard Of by New York magazine, and "small, but hilarious" by Paper magazine, Aziz is coming to Los Angeles and will be making an appearance at this month's High Times Comedy Night. We "high-ly" suggest you come check him out.

When he's not tearing up stages with his standup material, Aziz has been known to make a few equally hilarious short films. Check out The Shittiest Mixtape Boombox Blast to see what we mean.

Monday, November 28, 2005

December Lineup Announced!

High Times Comedy Night returns to the Hollywood Improv on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 8 pm with another great lineup guaranteed to make you laugh your stoned ass off. This month's show features the return of Doug Benson who absolutely tore the place up at the debut High Times show way back in October. Plus, this time around Doug will be joined by his Marijuana-logues buddy Arj Barker.

Also on the Dec. 14 show will be Matt Besser of Upright Citizens Brigade fame and more performers to be announced soon. Returning to host the show this month will be pot comic extraordinaire Ngaio Bealum.

Tix are now on sale so beat the rush and go buy yours now before this bad boy sells out.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wanted: One Web Geek

Are there any web design gurus out there who might be interested in giving us a hand in exchange for a little bit of loot and some tix to our upcoming shows? We're looking to expand this sorry excuse for a website into a real site to promote the High Times Comedy Night properly as well as our other soon to be announced comedy shows.

If anyone reading this has some geeked up web skills and wants to help, contact us at hightimescomedy@yahoo.com -- thanks.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Last night's show was another HUGE success and we just want to thank everyone that was involved. Just to review briefly what we learned last night... Todd Glass is capable of quite the pimp stroll to Bee Gees tunes, Zach Galifianakis is willing to spend at least 99 cents (or whatever a pack of Altoids goes for these days) for the sake of a single joke, Greg Fitzsimmons has a lot of sex with his wife, Charlie Murphy is not afraid to talk about prison life, and the Sklar brothers have their strip club DJ banter down a little too well.

For those of you that were in the audience at the show (and yes, that includes you Eddie Murphy), thanks for coming out. And by the way, next time Eddie why don't you hop on stage and tell a joke or two? We hear you're pretty good.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tonight's The Night

HIGH TIMES COMEDY NIGHT is back with a vengeance tonight and we're bringing a very special Top Secret Surprise Guest with us. We can't tell you who it is, because if we did we'd have to kill you, but here's a hint...

It's a hilarious comedian who was on an amazing Comedy Central show that ended way before its time -- bitch.

What we can tell you is that Zach Galifianakis, Todd Glass, Greg Fitzsimmons, and the Sklar brothers will be there tonight and they will be very funny. We can also tell you that there are still a few tickets available and you can buy yourself some here.

See you at the show!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Want Free Tickets? Flavorpill's Got 'Em

High Times Comedy Night continues to make friends across the universe. Our latest pals, are the uber-cool folks at Flavorpill. In addition to their sweet write-up of this week's show (see below), they've got a couple tickets to give away to the people with the best stoner stories out there. Good luck stoners, may the force be with you. And by the way, just for the record -- we're pretty sure Yakov Smirnoff would KILL at a High Times show. If you're out there Mr. Smirnoff, holla back.

The longstanding paragon of all things weed-related, High Times magazine's mellow haze once again wafts into the realm of comedy. This month's installment of the High Times Comedy Night ostensibly includes stand-up from VH1's Zach Galifianakis (Late World with Zach) and the Sklar Brothers (I Love the '80s). Of course, in proper stoner fashion, the definite lineup remains in the air. But, if last month's bill (Sarah Silverman, Doug Benson, and For The Kids) is any indication, the show should come together nicely. Of course, given this crowd's temperament, they could bring out Yakov Smirnoff and everyone would still be rolling in the aisles. Literally.

Friday, November 04, 2005

We've Got Glass, Yes We Do...

This just in -- TODD GLASS has joined next Thursday's High Times Comedy Night lineup. You might remember Todd from such performances as his appearances on Friends, Mr. Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, or any of the million or so times he's appeared on Comedy Central. To put it briefly, he's a funny dude. And if you don't believe us, then take it from Jack Black who had this to say about the man who used to open for Tenacious D… "I covet his fucking brain."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Now go buy your tickets you lazy slackers.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hype Watch

Big thanks to LA Weekly for spreading the word about next week's High Times Comedy Night show with the following writeup in today's paper...

THURSDAY, November 10
Zach Galifianakis used to talk about his childhood this way: “I was the only straight kid in an all-gay high school. After school, kids would say to me, ‘Hey, Zach, where are you going — to get some pussy?” Other classic Galifianakisms include, “The only thing I remember about college is how many times my grandmother died,” and “I realize I’m having a hard time growing up and maturing. I realized that the other day in my fort.” Nothing that comes out of the comic’s mouth goes anywhere you think it will. He headlines High Times Magazine’s High Times Comedy Night, which we’re guessing has something to do with High Times, and also features Jason and Randy Sklar. Improv, 8162 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood; Thurs., Nov. 10, call for time; $15, benefits NORML. (323) 651-2583.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Today's To-Do List

1. Buy tickets to next week's High Times Comedy Night show at the Hollywood Improv.

2. Get a sneak peek at the magic of Baklava Rodriguez, who will be performing at the show.

3. Look at who else is preparing tag team your ass with their comedy double team at the show.

4. Find an appropriate date for the show.