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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Want Free Tickets? Flavorpill's Got 'Em

High Times Comedy Night continues to make friends across the universe. Our latest pals, are the uber-cool folks at Flavorpill. In addition to their sweet write-up of this week's show (see below), they've got a couple tickets to give away to the people with the best stoner stories out there. Good luck stoners, may the force be with you. And by the way, just for the record -- we're pretty sure Yakov Smirnoff would KILL at a High Times show. If you're out there Mr. Smirnoff, holla back.

The longstanding paragon of all things weed-related, High Times magazine's mellow haze once again wafts into the realm of comedy. This month's installment of the High Times Comedy Night ostensibly includes stand-up from VH1's Zach Galifianakis (Late World with Zach) and the Sklar Brothers (I Love the '80s). Of course, in proper stoner fashion, the definite lineup remains in the air. But, if last month's bill (Sarah Silverman, Doug Benson, and For The Kids) is any indication, the show should come together nicely. Of course, given this crowd's temperament, they could bring out Yakov Smirnoff and everyone would still be rolling in the aisles. Literally.


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